Gatsby joined NYU Digital Future Lab during the Fall of 2017 to booster our virtual reality hardware with the synergy of New York University as patron and supporter of next-generation technology.  

Based in Dumbo, the lab houses some of the most disruptive hardware, digital media, augmented and virtual reality, video, and cloud computing startups in the city. Lab members gain access to the Media and Gaming Network, Tisch ITP, Integration Digital Media (IDM), an alumni network of leading AI/emerging tech companies, and access to AR/VR resources.

We are now building the Gatsby Alpha, a lightning-fast superbooster for your laptop or pc tablet, enabling high-end gaming and VR experiences.

Gatsby will be scaling our Alpha device throughout 2018, thanks in part to the continued support of the Digital Future Lab.

Published on:

Sunday, October 1, 2017