Gatsby is proud to be joining Lair East Labs’ 2018 cohort. Lair East is a startup accelerator for founders looking to launch businesses in China, and will be helping Gatsby to bring its hardware from NYC to one of the biggest markets for virtual reality, China.

In addition to receiving funding from Lair East, Gatsby is traveling to China February through mid March 2018 for an investor roadshow, where Gatsby will be pitching with various funds in Beijing and participating in weekly roundtable talks on launching, managing, and growing early stage startups.

Currently, users have to buy expensive computers to be able to experience VR, a problem Gatsby is solving with a portable and cost-effective device that supercharges any Mac or PC to work for virtual reality. China and the US are two of the most active markets in virtual reality, with a $7.3B market size in the US and around $9B in China. The global market is predicted to reach $80B by 2025.

More than funding, Gatsby’s partnership with Lair East and represents an opportunity for Gatsby to become one of the keystone hardware devices democratizing virtual reality.

Published on:

Friday, December 15, 2017