NYC Salon is a "TED with friends" speaker series, inviting speakers for their nerdful mastery and disruptive tendencies. Speakers have gone on to give talks at TED, the UN, and the World Bank. Gatsby was invited to talk about how our hardware will help to democratize virtual reality.

Hosted at Caveat, New York’s den for cerebral humor, the audience was divided into smaller groups to brainstorm about their interaction with virtual reality, and if they could imagine participating in a parallel virtual world.

What we heard was compelling and nuanced. Some participants itched for greater access to virtual reality, hardware/software that was more affordable and relatable to their daily lives. Others warned of the dangers of getting stuck in virtual space, the way some users find on social media. Audience members were able to learn about how Gatsby’s hardware is making virtual reality more accessible with portability and lower costs, and about how virtual reality can be used to empower creativity, build community with immersive exercises, help lower anxiety with VR therapy, inspire empathy by highlighting experiences/causes that need our attention, and introduce new and exciting games.

Gatsby left with a list overflowing with user requests to try out our technology.

Published on:

Thursday, October 19, 2017